Transportation Surveillance Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ensure the safety of passenger, crews, and cargo with AI-Driven Alerting

Transportation organizations need to insulate systems from security threats and provide safer environments for humans. Mosaic customizes EyesOnIt to the transportation customer; we understand that an airport’s surveillance needs are different from a train network. Yet, the ability to automate the video review process is just as valuable in each scenario.  

Collaborating closely in each engagement allows us to handle the complex computer vision, software deployment, and technical challenges; all we need is operational expertise on the transportation system that requires monitoring.

Our computer vision models can be customized to detect and alert users on the following use cases:

Safety MonitoringEvent-Driven Intelligence
Reliable surveillance helps prevent crime, deters criminals, reduces vandalism, and creates a safer environment for passengers and crew members. As long as you have real-time video information feeding into EyesOnIt, our computer vision algorithms never sleep and customizable alerts keep your team in the know.
Transit operations need safeguards around operators and passengers. Processing feeds from several angles and identifying objects can be critical to protecting against false claims, increasing on-board safety, and more. EyesOnIt is designed to be custom tailored to your operation, and we are ready to start working with you.

Computer Vision Resources

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Mosaic was tapped to help one of the largest North American energy operators deploy a suite of computer vision models that used drone-based imagery to inspect their physical assets and alert them on needed repairs.

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Computer vision is a game-changing technique for transportation surveillance technology; learn more about our computer vision expertise and solutions here.