Airport Surface Management for Package Delivery Logistics

According to 2017 International Air Transport Association (IATA) projections, the number of air passengers will nearly double by 2036. While the FAA uses complex technologies to adapt to and safely manage this ever increasing air traffic, there was a gap in technologies being developed and deployed to help airports and airlines handle the strain on their operations. Short of building new runways, taxiways, and related infrastructure, to huge expense and disruption, major flight operators didn’t have a comprehensive solution to more efficiently manage their surface operations.

what we did

Under its aeronautics research mission, NASA began a program to study operations on the airport surface. This R&D effort led to development of concepts and algorithms that would provide a real-time view of the airport surface and all flights traveling to or from an airport, as well as data-driven predictions of flight arrivals or departures from an airport. In collaboration with NASA, FAA, the airline industry, and partner firms, Mosaic Software transformed the researchers’ vision into reality by developing and refining the Airport Surface Management System and deploying analytics at scale.

The Airport Surface Management System has been deployed at major global operating bases for two multinational package delivery companies, both initial beneficiaries of the prototype, for over 10 years. We have implemented custom enhancements such as new data feeds, improved fault tolerance, playback of historical data, user interface customization and improved reporting of software performance in this timeframe.


The Airport Surface Management System, created through a robust R&D effort, remains agile and relevant today as it operates 24/7 at two of the world’s most significant and complex logistics hubs. The Airport Surface Management System’s data fusion and visualization capabilities enable organization-wide situational awareness across airline operations and its advanced prediction capabilities support both strategic and tactical decision-making to optimize departure and arrival management.

algorithms | data handling | client-server software