We launch new projects with a detailed discussion of your specific business objectives, generally held by web conference. It is crucial that our team engage with a working group that includes multiple levels within your organization, from your visionaries and decision-makers to your end users. During this kickoff call, we will introduce our team and our account lead, who will be the main point of contact who tracks progress and keeps communication lines active throughout the process.


After the kickoff, we’ll assess the needs of your target users as they relate to your business objectives, and we’ll generate specific software requirements covering a wide range of issues. Security, target users, features, platforms, compatibility, performance, data storage, scalability, cloud hosting and user interface requirements are a few of the things we’ll discuss. No problem if you’re not sure what all of your needs are or if you aren’t up on the latest software capabilities or lingo. Our team will help you make informed decisions that best support your objectives. This is a dynamic stage of the process, where we will tag up frequently to make sure we’re on the same page. As we proceed through the planning process, we can provide updated cost estimates to help you gauge how various decisions affect the total cost of your project.


We’ll take the requirements that we generated together and turn those into user interface and architectural designs. We’ll start at a high level with sketches and diagrams and work toward refining the designs through several revisions. We’ll review progress with you at key milestones to gather and incorporate your feedback to ensure the final designs meet or exceed your vision.


With solid designs in place, we will follow the Agile process to develop your software through a series of “iterations” and “sprints.” This process allows us to move at a steady pace with frequent opportunities to demonstrate progress.

Quality Assurance

Our passion for achieving quality results underlies every phase of our process and every aspect of our work. We know you expect nothing but the best, and we want you to be wowed by the software we create for you. Our quality assurance staff will be involved at each step of the process, from the initial requirement generation through the final sign-off of the finished product so you can trust the software we deliver.


Whether we’re working with you to create a high-volume website, a killer app, or a tool that streamlines your internal business processes, we’ll get it deployed to the right environment for your customers to access it. We’ll work with app stores, cloud hosts or your own IT department to get everything set up so it works just right for your customers.


The best software provides valuable information to help you maintain and improve it over time. Whether it’s knowing when you need to expand cloud capacity, or learning what features your users are using the most, we can add capabilities for monitoring, alerting and reporting to support your data-driven decision-making processes. Your new software will become a key component of your business as it grows with you.