EyesOnIt is a real-time surveillance platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that improves and automates human recognition tasks; custom computer vision models scan your image and video data, classify objects, and alert users of what they see.

What is EyesOnIt?

Mosaic has built a remote video surveillance platform designed to provide situational intelligence while monitoring your physical operations. EyesOnIt uses custom computer vision models to alert your business systems of detected objects and events.

EyesOnIt is best suited to provide a user with alerts of events in real-time. Our team of data scientists or, working with your analytics professionals, can deploy custom computer vision models to identify and alert you to events that matter as they are happening. 

How It Works

Our innovative architecture is patent pending.

EyesOnIt Basic Package

$150 / video feed

+ setup fees

Features include:

  • Real-time 24×7 Remote AI Monitoring
  • Custom Computer Vision Models for Object and Event Detection
  • Detection Videos with Summary Data
  • Flexible System Integration and User Alerts
  • Additional Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Expert Development and User Support
computer vision platform spec sheet

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Real-Time surveillance powered by Deep Learning

Our patent-pending surveillance platform enables you to design & deploy intelligent applications powered by computer vision.

As any true data scientist knows, there is substantial feature engineering and algorithm tuning before deploying a computer vision model into production. Through several innovative computer vision deployments, Mosaic understands more than most how much custom work goes into these modeling efforts. 

EyesOnIt is a platform and requires custom computer vision modeling to reach its’ full potential. We are happy to provide data scientists to ideate/execute with you on potential use cases, guide your existing analytics professionals in AI application development or anything in between. 

The more you use EyesOnIt, the easier it becomes to solve future use cases. By building a custom library of tagged & annotated images, you enable data scientists to spend more time extracting insights & less on data engineering. 

Automate & improve visual surveillance with computer vision

Industry Applications

EyesOnIt has been developed in the aviation world, helping different stakeholders collect visual intelligence, automate vision tasks, learn processes, and recommend actions. Working with a data scientist, the only limits to the problem-solving capabilities of this platform are thinking of new problems to solve. 

Due to the necessity of visual processing in the following industries and similarities to monitoring a busy airfield, Mosaic believes there is a significant opportunity to deploy our computer vision platform and start saving operational dollars today. 

Our software engineers will partner with your existing analytics team or provide our own data scientists to find the low-hanging use cases to achieve quick wins.  

Why Mosaic?

Custom Development

Our software engineers are fluent across many enterprise data technologies. We can help you implement this platform to turn on day one, providing valuable situational awareness. Mosaic emphasizes privacy and security in any piece of software we deliver, maintaining the highest levels of data security.

Computer Vision Experts

Mosaic’s data scientists specialize in the deep learning algorithm development necessary to turn unstructured video data into actionable intelligence. Our platform rapidly learns your business, tagging unique events & objects, enabling these data elements to solve several use cases.

Problem Solvers

We aren’t going to hand over a license and say, ‘good luck.’ Mosaic excels at tuning our platform to solve the critical operational and strategic use cases you need. Our collaborative approach will save you time & money as you continue using the platform.

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