Energy Surveillance Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence

Protect your energy operation with security software powered by Artificial Intelligence

Operators across the energy spectrum need real-time intelligence from their video feeds to understand what is happening to their business. O&G and utility firms need a reliable picture of day-to-day operations, whether users are onsite or thousands of miles away. The days of relying on human operators are numbered as artificial intelligence techniques such as computer vision and deep learning make automation a reality for all energy organizations. EyesOnIt handles this deployment for you, delivering critical insights to any device in any location.  

Our computer vision models can be customized to detect and alert users on the following use cases:

Safety IntelligenceRemote Inspection Monitoring
Our software engineers and data scientists will collaborate with you to identify which high-security environments and remote locations need to be insulated against security & safety threats. EyesOnIt reduces the risk of piracy, terrorism, vandalism and deters trespassers.

Operational staff need to follow safety protocols, and AI can detect a violation of safety/security regulations. Real-time intelligence powered by computer vision can help energy companies enhance their security & safety while drastically cutting operational costs.

EyesOnIt promotes automated inspection processes that identify more defects than traditional, ground-based inspections. Our software engineers and data scientists leverage new machine learning technologies to provide more value to our customers.

Our platform can ingest the video data from drones and robots to collect valuable data while keeping crews out of harm’s way from industrial safety hazards. Collaborating with your business, our data scientists will train computer vision algorithms to learn what asset degradation means, how to identify problems in real-time, and alert users who need to know.

Computer Vision Resources

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For those worried about not having enough video/image data – this blog explores the idea of Few-Shot Learning, a computer vision modeling technique utilized to ‘learn’ from a small set of examples.

AI-Driven Inspection Platform Deployment | Case Study

Mosaic was tapped to help one of the largest North American energy operators deploy a suite of computer vision models that used drone-based imagery to inspect their physical assets and alert them on needed repairs.

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Computer Vision is a powerful technology that players in the energy industry can use to automate & improve energy surveillance technology. Read more about our approach to computer vision here.