Construction Surveillance Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence

Keep your sites secure & on schedule with AI-driven insights.

EyesOnIt helps keep projects on schedule and under budget by alerting decision-makers of real-time events at the job site. Too frequently, the reality of site operations does not match with executive-level planning. EyesOnIt can alert executives of specific issues requiring review.

Our computer vision models can be customized to detect and alert users on the following use cases:

Live Jobsite IntelligenceSafety Hazard Alerting
EyesOnIt monitors all your video feeds in a single system and can be tuned to alert users sitting thousands of miles away on events such as weather delays, materials arriving/departing, or criminal events. Our data scientists will collaborate with your construction organization to learn the types of objects & events that need to be monitored. We specialize in building technical solutions that people use every day.
Reduce exposure to costly fines, win more bids with a strong track record of compliance, and cut safety admin time severely with computer vision. Artificial intelligence, when done correctly, is far more accurate & efficient than human operators at identifying safety risks. Leveraging your subject matter and our data science expertise, we deploy intelligent applications that save any construction organization time and money.

Computer Vision Resources

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For those worried about not having enough video/image data – this blog explores the idea of Few-Shot Learning, a computer vision modeling technique utilized to ‘learn’ from a small set of examples.

AI-Driven Inspection Platform Deployment | Case Study

Mosaic was tapped to help one of the largest North American energy operators deploy a suite of computer vision models that used drone-based imagery to inspect their physical assets and alert them on needed repairs.

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Computer vision powers construction surveillance technology to be more accurate and automated for any job site. Read more about our unique approach to computer vision.