If you work in the technology field, you know there is always something new you can learn, and if you’re not learning and innovating, someone else is. Stagnation is not an option if you want to succeed, let alone grow and improve—one great way to continue to learn is by listening to software podcasts.

With tons of software focused podcasts on Apple, Google, Spotify, and countless websites, it’s overwhelming and virtually impossible to keep up. For that reason, Mosaic Software made a list of the best (in our humble opinion) software podcasts to help you out.

We thought the best place to start was to ask our team of Software Engineers, Software Developers, and Product Engineers who they listen to and which podcasts they find the most educational and valuable. Then we took it one step further and dug into the depths of Reddit, GitHub, and Google to learn more. 

Regardless of where you specialize, everyone can learn from the software podcasts out there. The beauty of learning from experts on podcasts is you are getting insider knowledge, advice, and insights you wouldn’t typically get (at least for free).

There is always so much to consider with software — your development skills, how different software languages work together, testing, bugs, etc. So below, you will see a range of podcasts aimed at different software and life interests. We believe these are some of the best podcasts out there, and each of them can provide powerful, applicable insights.

Check out our list below, ranging from skill level, topic, and even some podcast recommendations we got outside the software scope that can help you succeed. 

Podcasts for the Newbie

1. CodeNewbie – Stories from people on their coding journey.

2. Coding Blocks – Frustrated by the lack of quality programming available in listenable formats, three professional developers discuss a wide variety of topics to assist in becoming a better software developer.

3. FreeCodeCamp – Learn to code with free online courses, programming projects, and even interview preparation.

4. Programming – Discover practical computer science concepts in these short, weekly podcasts. Excellent for growing as a software engineer and coding interview preparation too. 

5. Learn to Code With Me – Podcast was created with self-taught coders in mind. They provide beginner-level resources, focused on web design and development.

6. Junior Developer Toolbox – Straight talk about daily life as a junior developer: building, maintaining, and surviving a career in software engineering.

7. Learning Machines 101 – A podcast committed to providing an accessible introduction to the complex and fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence, which now affects everyday life worldwide!

8. Practical AI (by Changelog) – Makes artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone.

Machine Learning and Data

9. Code Cast ZM – A biweekly podcast that focuses on everything tech (from innovations in AI and machine learning to the latest in data science, from the WWDC to Google IO), and the role developers play in shaping the future of technology.

10. Data Driven – Examines the field of data science, software engineering, machine learning, and AI.

11. Data Stories – A podcast focused solely on data visualization.

12. Data Viz Today – Sharing stories about how awesome and comprehensive data visualizations are made.

13. This Week in Machine Learning & AI (TWiML & AI) – Stories from the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Discussion on the latest developments in research, technology, business, and exploring exciting projects from across the web, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, big data, and more.

General Software Engineering

 14. Syntax – A cool frontend dev-focused podcast where full-stack developers dive deep into web development topics, explaining how they work and talking about their own experiences.

15. The Changelog – Discussions with the hackers, the leaders, and the innovators of software development.

16. Command Line Heroes – Tells the true epic tales of how developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels revolutionize the technology landscape.

17. BookBytes – A book club for developers focusing on development, design, ethics, history, and soft skills.

18. CaSE – This is an interview podcast for software developers and architects about Software Engineering and related topics.

19. Soft Skills Engineering (iTunes | Overcast | Android) – It takes more than great code to be a brilliant engineer. Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly question-and-answer podcast where software developer hosts answer questions about all the non-technical things that go along with being a software developer.

20. GitMinutes – A podcast for proficient Git users that features stories, discussions, ideas, demos, and other things useful for those using Git today.

21. More Than Just Code – This is a podcast about mobile development. Each week the show meets with people from across the continent to discuss iOS and Mac development. The show discusses current issues to find out what developers are talking about, what their apps are about, what they are using to create their apps, and what advice they have for other developers (or those looking to become one). 

22. Java Pub House – A podcast talking about how to program in Java.

23. iteration (iTunes | Spotify) – A weekly podcast about development and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter. They do their best to be code-agnostic but talk a lot about Rails, JavaScript, React, React Native, design, business, and startups.

24. AngularAir – The name pretty much sums up this show. Tune in to learn all about Angular.

25. .NET Rocks (Stitcher) – A weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness.

26. Full Stack Radio – A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Topics include product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

27. Talk Python To Me – Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers an array of Python topics and many related issues (e.g., MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps).


28. Jocko Podcast – Unrelated to programming, but this podcast will motivate you to put in more hours of work and do the things to improve your chances of success.

29. The School of Greatness – This is a top Business and Self-Development podcast. Episodes range from interviews with world-class game changers in entrepreneurship, health, mindset, and relationships.

30. Radiolab – A different type of podcast that deep-dives into journalism and innovative sound design where you will explore science, philosophy, and ethics. The show challenges listeners’ preconceived notions about how the world works. Radiolab provokes, it moves, it delights, and asks the audience to see the world around them anew. 


31. Art of Product – This is a podcast chronicling two software entrepreneurs (Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer) building startups. Discussions span from the technical realm to the business side and everything in between.

32. Breaking into Startups – Each episode focuses on tactical advice for starting a new career or upskilling in your current. The most powerful stories feature the workers who deconstruct how they broke into tech.

33. How I Built This – Features interviews with founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and idealists behind well-known businesses, including Airbnb, Lyft, Stitch Fix, Whole Foods, DoorDash, Slack, Flickr, and Lululemon, to understand how these flourishing companies have achieved such great success. 

34. Startups for the Rest of Us – Whether you’ve launched your startup or you’re just thinking about it, learn from successful founders who have been in your shoes.


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